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Download Free Advanced Hypnosis Underground Penis Enlargement Hypnosis Recording


Yes, this is a tricky one. I was at a building site recently and I told the tradesman there about this Penis Enlargement recording, asking them if they were willing to try it out. After much joking and laughter they all agreed that this was something they didn’t need. After a couple of hours, over half of the men sidled up to me and said they would like to try it out.   Ha!

Like any growth phase in the body, man or woman, it is triggered by the subconscious mind. Penis growth is also initiated by the subconscious mind. By releasing hormones to make the inner tissues of the penis more flexible, opening valves to pump blood into the penis regularly to expand the penis and of course the natural and exciting playing with your new toy also helps to create size. The subconscious mind remembers everything you have seen, smelt, felt, heard and tasted since you were born, regulates over 50 trillion cells in your body automatically and is more than capable of remembering and re-activating this penis growth phase.

Issues such as teasing, feelings of shame and negative early experiences concerning your penis can adversely affect the its growth. If the conscious mind becomes upset, the subconscious will shut the process down prematurely. By releasing these negstive feelings, the penis will be able to reignite the growth phase. This recording also gives you the option to choose whether you desire your penis to longer, fatter or both. It would pay to sit for a while and decide, not only your desired penis size, but also who you would like to be. Make a picture of yourself in your imagination and include things like confidence, happiness, financial success, health and energy levels. These are just examples. You choose who you want to be. If you have these elements in your mind, it will make it simpler to make choices while listening to the recording.

Thats about it! Relax and enjoy your inner mind journey. Remember to leave comments about your experiences with this recording. I am counting on you to help take advanced mind dynamics to the next level.

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