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The old cells in our bodies are continually replacing themselves with new cells. The subconscious mind regulates and governs over 50 trillion cells in our bodies all the time. It is familiar with every single cell and has the ability to choose the format each new cell should take on when replaced.

Our perceptions of age play a large part in what the subconscious mind believes. If the subconscious mind believes you will live to a certain age and will look a certain way at this age then it will take steps to ensure its belief is justified. If this governing part of the mind believes you are 23 years of age then it will take steps to produce new cells of the same format as those it remembers producing when you were 23 years old. Some areas of the body reproduce new replacement cells quickly while others take years to replace themselves. This would mean a variation in stages of “becoming younger” depending upon which part of the body changes faster.

The hypothalamus also plays a large part in this process. The emotions you experience most often affect the number of receptors on each cell which grow to accept the peptides associated with this particular emotion released from the hypothalamus. These receptors are the same ones which accept the proteins which produce elasticity. The receptors which accept these proteins are replaced by the receptors of the peptides associated with emotions. To keep your emotions in a balanced state allow the proteins to continue to be absorbed by the cells.

Again, if you allow yourself to produce patterns in the subconscious mind of continual anger, anxiety, sadness or any other negative emotion, these receptors will replace the protein absorbing receptors vital for retaining elasticity in the body. If a person makes a life changing decision about themselves or about their belief systems, the body also changes in a beneficial way. It is our beliefs which we have about ourselves and our environment which directly effect our responses , or reactions both mentally and physically. The beauty of hypnosis is that is able to change these belief systems directly within the subconscious, without having to go through the perceptual filter of the conscious mind.

There is a huge amount of information available on this subject if you are interested. I would recommend you watch a DVD called “What the Bleep Do we Know?’, if you desire to understand these ideas in a simple fashion. That’s probably enough information for one post. Please feel free to download the hypnosis recording and help us in our search for eternal youth. Relax and enjoy this powerful inner mind journey and remember to leave me comments as to your progress.



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